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Bourbon Street Shorty & Ima Waiting have questions... I think...

PeaceOf Mayhem Ask DL Holiday Hacks Relationship Advice


What to do, that Hot guy @ work, fu Christmas?

Bourbon Street Shorty

Hey Shorty,

Dating at work (I think that is where you were indicating) is always a great idea. If it works out you see each other constantly, every day - yeah!

If it ends (and sometimes it can get super ugly before it's over) you won't have to explain every time you turn around WHY you two broke up, everyone will already know. And BONUS you will know who your true friends are in every level of the company!

As it is the Holidays, I say make a big bold move and tell them how you feel preferably in public - then they'll feel the pressure to please the crowd by reciprocating and that always goes well!

I hope I gave you the confidence to get the guy, because if you go into that scenario with any hesitation, you're sunk..... I mean HAVE FUN getting the guy!

Happy Holidays,


Dearest D,

Should I skip xmas this year? (Everything hinges on your answer)


Ima Waiting

Hello Ima!


Have a joyous Non-Holiday!


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