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Confused Co-Worker and Possibly Panicking Ask DL

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Oh Ms. Lemonade,

I desperately need your advice. There is this person at work who I am attracted to. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I recently came to understand that they feel the same way about me. Our conversations have gotten longer and more personal. We ran into each other outside of work and neither of us introduced our spouses or acknowledged each other. Then at work they brought up seeing me. The intensity is increasing. What should I do?

Your Reader,

 Possibly Panicking

Greetings My Panicky Reader!

No worries! You can ignore it and hope it goes away or you can set up a seemingly innocent get together and bring condoms. Safe sex is the cardinal rule when dabbling outside your monogamous relationship! When you question what you are doing, remember that you are only human and humans sometimes choose to make love and not war!

You've got this!

Disco Lemonade

Dear Disco Lemonade,

I am thinking about leaving my job. I don't have anything new lined up yet, but I do feel like I need a change. What should I do now?


Confused Co-Worker

Hello CC!

Ooo! Just do it! Quitting jobs is one of my favorite things! It is perhaps one of the most liberating and potentially scary things you can do spontaneously! My suggestion is - do it quick, like ripping off a band-aid. Once the job is gone, take your time finding something new. Enjoy your new won freedom! What is money anyway?

Good Luck!


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