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Disgruntled Reader and Humble Husband Ask DL

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Dear Disco Lemonade,

I asked you for advice about a year ago and it blew up in my face! What am I supposed to do now?

Your Disgruntled Reader

Hello Again!

Um, the opposite of whatever I told you, obviously! Try using logic and then do something reasonable and I'm sure it'll all work out fine!

Better luck this time!


Dear Disco Lemonade,

It was my birthday on Friday. Instead of spending the weekend celebrating with my wife (as I had planned to do), she left me with the kids and went on an overnight trip with her girlfriends. I am hurt, angry, and completely baffled by the double standard I just realized is happening in our home. [i.e. - she would flip out if I took an overnight trip with the guys and would divorce me if it was over her birthday weekend.]

How should I proceed? 

Thank you for your thoughtful advice,

Humble Husband

Hello HH!

 Let me start by saying "Happy Birthday!" Your position is a difficult one, but I think we can get you back on track! In situations like these I rely on a phrase you may recognize: Turn about is fair play. It is time for you to take a little vacation. Perhaps alone or with the guys, whatever will make you happiest. Do not ask when a good time would be, just set a date and go! If you find your marriage crumbling when you return you may let it go - or seek counseling, whichever suits the way you feel.

Either way, you've stood up for yourself and that is what really matters!

I wish you the best,


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