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Dizzy Dater and Lonely Lion need Disco Lemonade

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Dear Disco,

I am hoping you can give me some dating advice. I am being told all kinds of things: work on yourself, actively try to date by using dating sites, stop worrying about it all together.

What should I do?

Dizzy Dater

Hello Dizzy!

I can tell you spend more time thinking about this than the average person. Stop thinking.

If there is one thing the opposite sex hates about a potential mate it is, a mind of its own. Instead start doing whatever everyone else does. This will make the field of potential partners much bigger, and then any ol' soul will do! Take the first interested person and follow their lead. You'll thank me when you're celebrating your 10th anniversary with who ever was there at the time!

Wishing you all the best!


Dear Disco Lemonade,

I have been too shy to ask for advice, but now I feel if I don't, it may be too late. I am a loner in a city with very little single night life. I want to make new friends, but I am not outgoing or friendly. HELP!

Lonely Lion

Dear Lonely Lion,

I think it is time to face reality. There is no hope for you. Maybe online in a chat room, but not out in the real world. Give up before you begin. People are just too jaded and selfish to welcome someone like you into their lives.

I am sorry.


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