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DL "helps" Constantly Chafed and At A Loss!

PeaceOf Mayhem

Hi DL... I need bad advice.... I had a bad experience with spandex...should I consult someone?


Constantly Chafed

Hello CC,

Obviously, you have gotten off on the wrong foot with Spandex. Perhaps understanding life from Spandex's point of view would help. Speak to your Spandex with the soothing tones you would a two-year-old. If you still can't make any headway, try counseling. There's no reason to break-up with Spandex until you've tried every other option.

Best Wishes,


Happy Mother's Day, Disco Lemonade!

This year I want to do something really special for my Mom. She has had an incredibly tough year and I want her to know how much we love her. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at this stuff and I was hoping you could give me some suggestions.

Thanks in Advance,

At A Loss

Thank you for that enthusiastic greeting At-A-Loss,

What you are asking is very tricky. All Mom's have very different ideas about how to celebrate their maternal nature, so guessing what your Mom enjoys is almost impossible. Lucky for you I have some ideas any Mom would love.

  • May I recommend a vaginal rejuvenation treatment? Or kegel strengthening videos? Both of these would be of use to any woman who has sacrificed to have babies.
  • Also, an appointment for full-service hair coloring at the salon to cover the gray hairs from her hard year.
  • The best skin care line to smooth out the worry lines and/or laugh lines etched into her face.
  • A shopping trip where you pick a slightly risque or over the top outfit (tasteful but brave) that helps her feel young and then straight to the All Male Review for some muscle bulging sack shaking fun!

Hug Mom for Me!


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