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DL Saves Lost and Miserable

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Dear Disco Lemonade,

I need some guidance. The other day I caught my boyfriend cheating at Monopoly. As if him owning half the board wasn't enough, he was stashing bills from the bank on almost every transaction. A huge fight erupted and now my brother and his girlfriend (also playing) haven't texted me back in 2 days.

What should I do?


Miserable from Monopoly

Dear Miserable from Monopoly,

First things first - stick with this guy! He has enough cunning to be a politician or a captain of industry. He will always make sure he's getting his no matter what. Secondly, it's just a game. Your brother and his girlfriend will get over it. They will have to accept that your boyfriend is smarter than they are and to watch him closely when playing Monopoly.

Good Luck!

Disco Lemonade

Dear Disco Lemonade,

When did life get so off track? The last several months have been just shy of Actual Hell. Somewhere between just getting through my days and sleeping to avoid thinking, my joy for living hit the road, presumably out of boredom. 
Now that life has come to a slow, steady boil, I have felt a shift, but have been too scared to move and rock the boat. How do I summon the will to leave the shit-storm behind and reclaim my passionate self?
Gratefully yours,
Lost in between
Dear Lost in between,
You need to batten down the hatches and weather the storm. Do not rock the boat under any circumstance! Ignore your impulses to try new things or to re-invent yourself. How can I predict your future if you are being unpredictable? Stay the course and you will stay safely in the familiar.
Best Wishes,

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