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Maniac Mom and Nervous Neighbor ask DL to set their lives straight

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Dear Disco Lemonade,

My child is desperate to make a costume for Halloween this year. Unfortunately, the idea they have is complex and I am terrible with anything like this. What are we going to do?

Your Humble Reader,

Maniac Mom

Greetings Maniac!

I love that! I hope you go by Maniac all the time in your life! Well, you are probably going to disappoint your child at least once this Halloween so you should decide which you want to do first - spend a ton of time working on it yourself only to have them hate it, OR right up front when you explain that this is NEVER going to happen, OR (my favorite way) be sneaky Mom and say that "yes" they can make it, and you will supervise and you will buy what they need but they must do it on their own. If and or when they are disappointed, it will not be anything you did.

Happy Haunting!


Dear Disco Lemonade,

Last night my neighbor had guests at their home. This morning I go outside and their garbage can (full) has been knocked over. By the angle, the can is laying it looks like I backed out of my driveway and knocked it over. It was most likely one of their guests, what should I do?

With Gratitude,

Nervous Neighbor

Hello N Neighbor!

Who cares? I mean pick up the loose garbage if you feel so inclined and set up the can. If your neighbor says something, tell them it was obviously a terrorist plot and they should call Homeland Security to investigate. I'm sure you can come up with something equally entertaining and provocative to say. the point is, enjoy the moment.

Best Wishes!


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