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Panicked Patty and Hesitant Henry Reach Out to DL

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Dear Disco,

I am a bio-engineer. Unlike my peers I am a people person. I enjoy working with a team and crave face to face interaction. I am reaching the end of my fellowship and I'm trying to decide what to do next. My fear of being trapped in a lab has me questioning my entire career choice except that I really do enjoy what I do. Any advice could give me needed perspective.


Panicked Patty

Greetings Patty,

There are so many options these days, I'm not so sure you have to be in a lab. There's always middle management at one of those large firms who make you believe they'll be in your corner.

After a couple years you'll learn that you've reached your income cap and they're cutting back your benefits. Then there's the lateral move to more work and a salary that work out to be less than you were making before.

Don't forget when you're almost to the retirement benchmark they'll let you go with a small severance as part of "restructuring" and completely screw you out of all you thought you were working toward, and now you are too old and too expensive to start somewhere else.

Ah the joy of options!

Good Luck Out There!


Hello Disco,

I really like someone I work with. I finally got up the courage to ask her out. We have our first date on Valentine's Day. What should I do? I don't want to waste my opportunity to make the most romantic memory possible. Help!

Hesitant Henry

Happy Valentine's Day Henry!

Woo Hoo! You got the opportunity to go all out for someone really special! Take her to the most memorable place you can think of like an S&M club or an Adult novelty and lingerie shop or a Hospital Cafeteria. She will be completely caught off guard and if you play it off like "everywhere else was booked" you can show her you have a sense of humor. Trust me, she'll never forget the night she went out with you.

Best Wishes


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