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Son-in-Blah needs help from DL

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Dear Disco Lemonade,

The holidays are on there way and I'm really not very fond of my father-in-law. How would you recommend that I deal with this moron during an extended period of time? Please help me out!

Sincerely yours,


Dear Son-in-Blah,

This time of year can be difficult, especially for close relationships with people you don't like. There is an expectation of peaceful interaction and good will that some folk take advantage of at familial type gatherings.

My basic advice is sit close to them and attempt listening to whatever they choose to say. After a minute or two, when they pause, just say "Ah. I don't think so." Your disagreement will shock and unnerve them into changing the subject or moving. If they want to engage in an actual discussion your reasoning behind disagreeing doesn't have to be logical or factual. That's what makes opinions so great! Just a "That doesn't sound right to me" is all it takes.

Happy Holidays! Good Luck!


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