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Stormy Weather & Lost and Lonely Ask DL

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Dear Disco, 

Lately I have been feeling stuck. I am discouraged, but I don't want to become completely depressed. What do you recommend?                                                                                                                                                       -Stormy Weather

Greetings Stormy!

Most of the time these things work themselves out for me - life is rarely dull for long. In the case of prolonged monotony, I think. Close your eyes and visualize the situation. Dissect it into tiny bits, dwelling on the most painful parts. Make a mental list of all the injustice and who is responsible for each one. Let the feelings of desperation wash over you until you almost can't bear it, then text or call one of the people involved and openly blame them for how difficult things are for you right now. You'll be feeling good as new in NO time.

All the best,

Dear Disco,

I am hoping you can shed some light on my dilemma. I have always been super independent and love to travel. 6 months ago a judge took away my license for driving under the influence. That has put a huge damper on my social life and I am sick of paying to ride the bus. Help!
                                                                                                     -Lonely and Lost 

Have no fear, Lonely and Lost, ​​Disco Lemonade is here!

I have the perfect solution for you! Rely on the kindness of strangers. Accept rides from anyone willing to pick you up. Carry a sign to hitchhike '70s style, letting helpful motorists know you're in need. The bonus to this is: you will meet so many new people, expanding your social circle every time you go somewhere! The warnings of rape and robbery are seriously overstated. So go ahead and stick out your thumb with confidence you will get where you need to go unmolested. Enjoy the journey!
​                                                                                                                         -D.L.

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