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Up All Night Asks Disco Lemonade

PeaceOf Mayhem Ask DL Survival Suggestions

Dear Disco,

"Independence Day" has me reflecting on all things stars and stripes. I fully believe in the Rights our Nation was created to protect. 
But I am dismayed. Everywhere I turn people are snapping away selfies of destruction - ignoring politicians shouting idiotic agendas. Who will reign supreme the next 4-8 years?! How do you suggest the Bold and Brilliant stay Brave during the decline of the free world?
​Up All Night

Dear All Nighter,

You certainly are enthusiastic! You will need that gusto in the more difficult parts of the apocalypse. I have given this a lot of thought and I feel I can't fully answer your question. Your worry is just and you can see that with every news broadcast and cautionary tale online.

It doesn't hurt to get prepared. You will feel more confident if you get someone with survival knowledge to mentor you. Walk into any emergency preparedness store and they can point you in the direction of someone in your local community who shares your desire to get something done. There are also online groups dedicated to connecting lots of people working on their end game.

OR, Take a deep breath, accept the inevitability of political and environmental decline , and let it happen. It's WAY easier if you stay entertained. There are a million ways to switch off your brain, everyone is doing it! Turn on the electronic entertainment of your choice and forget that the world crumbles around you. You'll be at peace in no time!
Yours Truly,

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