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12 Days of Merry Mayhem Kick Off Party! #12DoMM

PeaceOf Mayhem Merry Mayhem

If you are reading this it means you have survived the holiday far! Thanksgiving was a success (hey, you are alive & possibly out on bail), you were not trampled to death in a Black Friday Showdown, and your diabetic coma hasn't had a chance to set in from your neighbors fudge and cookies.

The holiday season is fraught with many reasons to shout "BAH-HUMBUG". How many more moments of Christmas cheer is one person really EXPECTED to have?!

If you are ready to throat punch the next pesky person wishing you peace and goodwill, then I am glad we are not sharing 12 Days of Merry Mayhem in person!! That's right.... 12 Days of Merry Mayhem is designed for the twisted and dysFUNctional among us, but it will still leave you feeling like we added too much spike to the nog (mmm... all warm and fuzzy inside)!

Happy Holiday Season, Friends! Please share with the shenanigan lovers in your life on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. TAG @peaceofmayhem  #12DoMM in your Festive Photos of DysFUNctional Fun!

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