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3rd Day of Merry Mayhem #12DoMM

PeaceOf Mayhem Merry Mayhem pranks

The holiday season is in full swing. There is baking and wrapping and parties galore. We are sure you have been generous with your time and money, serving your community. That's the spirit!

For today's Merry Mayhem we are offering ideas that will add a playful touch to your giving! 

3rd Day of Merry MayhemWe challenge you to a bit of mischief in the name of future hilarity! It is the PERFECT gift idea for your friends, family, and co-workers!


What's in the box? Merry Mayhem

Take an item from a friends house or from your co-workers desk. Choose something that isn't necessary for day to day use, but something obvious enough that they may sit and wonder.... is something missing?! Where did that picture of Gran' go?! Who would take my chewed gum collection?! It's the craziest thing....

Now spend the next week giggling to yourself. 

Wrap up the item and gift it to the rightful owner. It's a Christmas Miracle Surprise!!

Read about our heist here.

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