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4th Day of Merry Mayhem #12DoMM

PeaceOf Mayhem Merry Mayhem pranks

Got Snow? We have Merry Mayhem with or without it!

4th Day of Merry Mayhem

4th Day of Merry Mayhem Got Snow#SneakySnowmanSurprise When there is enough snow to bring Frosty back, why don't you mix things up and build a snowman in your neighbors yard?!

Imagine their surprise when they open the door to shovel their walks and a r
enegade snowman is waving from their own front yard! 

Share your SNEAKY SNOWMAN SURPRISE with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! #12DoMM #renegadesnowman

4th Day of Merry Mayhem No Snow Fun#JingleBellSurprise If you had any real fun during your childhood, you are no stranger to toilet papering houses. Maybe you even got REALLY wild and egged a few in your time (naughty-naughty). 

Today's NO SNOW FUN Jingle Bell Surprise will not destroy, but it is likely to annoy!

Get dozens of jingle bells from your local craft store and tie them all around your neighbors yard. Hang them from trees, dangle them from doorknobs, hide anywhere you can find that will guarantee a jingling surprise!

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