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A Moment of Silence

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Merry Monday, Mayhemers!

We encourage you to take a moment of silence today before this shit-show of an election comes to an end. Take time to reflect on all the things you love about America before our lives flip upside down and inside out. 

The BEST thing about this election is that we can all agree it's the worst election in history. With the worst possible candidates "representing" we the people.

Do NOT simply throw your hands up and say, "Fuck it!" - #VOTEDAMMIT !!

Vote for Trump if you despise Clinton. Vote for Clinton if you are afraid your Feminine Power will be revoked. Vote for a third party candidate if your conscience cannot condone the fools on parade. Just VOTE and then get ready to revolt.

Talking about a revolution.... what songs would be on your REVOLT playlist?

Add your songs in the comments:

Rage Against the Machine... Take the Power Back

Muse... Uprising

The Clash... Know Your Rights

Ani DiFranco... Play God

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