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August! What?! by EH

PeaceOf Mayhem

What?! by EH

Ugh August - you overbearing, demanding month. Panic has set in and you've only just arrived. So bossy and stifling; you're trying to pin me down, telling me what to do and who you think I am supposed to be. My very fluid summer has gently flowed into the brick wall of registration dates, non-negotiable first days of school, and the forced stagnation uh, I mean, stability that accompanies the pre-fall show. I wasn't even ready to write this.

Part of my distress may be due to being spoiled by a week of complete freedom. My boys were away at camp and I got my first taste of uninterrupted adult time. I tingle at the memory of it... even now! I refuse to be caged in!

Bubbling passion spawned by a summer of deeply satisfying experiences has just begun to surface. I will not let the barrage of official sounding notices of "dates to be aware of" put a damper on MY progress!

For now, all I can say is: FUCK THE SYSTEM!

I am writing a list of six goosebump inducing activities, rolling a die and then embracing the randomness by pursuing the correlating activity. Let the spontaneity be your guide!

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