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Be A Little Foolish

PeaceOf Mayhem Adventure Dice April Fool's Day Celebration Earth Day Free Download Monthly Intro Monthly Mayhem What? by EH

April beginning makes my senses tingle! So many wonderful things take place in April.

That energy of play begins to call to my subconscious, luring out all the curiosity that leads me into NEW experiences! Expelling my winter boredom with April Fool's Day, following it with birthdays, and Earth-days.

Explore your surroundings this April!

Don't forget to subscribe to Monthly Mayhem. We launch the first edition this month and it is chalk full of fun! Get to know one of our contributors, venture outside your comfort zone, and enjoy a bit of Bad Advice. Don't forget to download your free set of Peace of Mayhem Adventure Dice!

Opportunities for adventure exist in good weather and bad. See the fun and let it guide you into unexpected radiance!

Splash in puddles.

Swing at the park.

Skip from point A to point B.

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