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Better Late Than Never

PeaceOf Mayhem Monthly Intro What? by EH

32 Bags of Leaves in the Backyard sounds like a bad punk rock song, so far it is the only notable thing I have to say this month. I do need to begin with an apology for being completely ignorant of the fact it is November 7, instead of just a week after Halloween. Halloween was overwhelming for me this year. I love Halloween. This year it became more about the honoring of those who have passed on, without my intending it to be.

A mentor and loved one recently passed away and we have only begun to mourn her. It brought all those that we love and are gone, together to join the parade of memories.

I am only now waking from the Nostalgia to become present again. I heard a song on KRCL Sunday Morning Living the Circle of Life that spoke of enjoying this journey you're on because it will all be gone in an instant. Certainly all those I knew, who left us this year, were living examples of that, so that is comforting!

Now let's get on with it! Welcome kindred spirits alive and previously alive to a joyful fall celebration! November: you will not be taken for granted.


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