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Bombs Away

PeaceOf Mayhem Germinating Warfare Seed Bombs

Cultivate beauty anywhere with Germinating Warfare.

Throw and grow wildflowers are the perfect way to transform any shabby lot into a burst of color.

Germinating Warfare trio

These seed bombs are perfect to take camping, on geocaching walk-a-bouts, late night adventures, and gift giving! We have thrown them near and far. Some we enjoy daily and some are lost to us, yet enjoyed by countless strangers. 

FLOWER POWER includes over 10 varieties of wildflowers, including Siberian Wallflowers, Baby's Breath, and Evening Primrose.

SEED ERUPTION includes over 15 varieties of wildflowers, including California Poppy, Sweet William Pinks, and Rocket Larkspur.

BOMBASTIC includes over 15 varieties of wildflowers, including Dwarf Red Plains, Pheasant's Eye, and Dwarf Blue Cornflower.

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