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Calling ALL Freaks!

PeaceOf Mayhem

Through the random development of my life, I have had all kinds of experiences. As each phase and growth cycle develops I have been embraced by people of ALL backgrounds and recreational interests. I have been privileged to break bread and share the "homes" of the loftiest Christian multi-millionaires to the humblest homeless heroine addicts. Every one of them generous, kind, loving, and open-hearted people to me. 

Due to my many strange, amazing, startling and wild adventures, I am beginning to see my desensitization to any kind of shock factor...

A dear friend of mine was hosting a fund raiser for "adult sexual education" which means classes teaching safe practices for adults interested in S&M. When he invited me I couldn't say no! However, I failed to mention the nature of the fund raiser to my unsuspecting date.

When we arrived it was all the usual suspects; partners on leashes, ass-less chaps, metal studded dog collars, women armed with riding crops, what have you... Boy did we have a lot to talk about on the drive home. 

It never occurred to me that I may cause someone else to be uncomfortable just by thrusting them into a group of strangers who are also S&M enthusiasts. I had known these people for many years without a second thought of what outsiders think.

That night I learned the importance of full disclosure, and how culture shock can transform into acceptance. S&M was never going to be a part of my life, but these people always would. My date was a good sport and even found humor in his own reaction, which is incredibly sexy!

We are becoming so accepting (as a society) of everything except having a fucking sense of humor!

Where has the joy of laughing at ourselves gone? Taking yourself (and life) too seriously is depressing and extremely boring!

You too can be ridiculous and still glean the respect of your peers. Perhaps even more so because you are confident enough to embrace your humanity.

We have always used "Freak" as a term of endearment, and someone out there has tried to take our pleasure and make it ugly. To you, I say...

Freedom of Speech, Bitches!

Get over yourselves and you will feel a lot better! 

​Halloween is the best time of year to let it out and remember the delight of being anything you want!



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