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Catching Up with A Buncha BS

PeaceOf Mayhem A Buncha BS Christmas Featured Fun PoM Packs Updates

Greetings Peace of Mayhem-ers!

This week has been a whirlwind of exhaustion and hope-filled funning around.

In case you missed it, we released our latest adventure! Due to the nature of reoccurring billing and to avoid logistical nightmares, PoM Packs are a separate, still secure, purchase portal. To purchase other Peace of Mayhem products, please visit our shop after subscribing to PoM Packs.

Speaking of other Peace of Mayhem products, contributor Sir Loin featured his favorites in the latest edition of Monthly Mayhem.

If you are not receiving our updates and offers, you are missing out on the key ingredient to fun. DO NOT miss one more edition. Subscribe here.

There are just a few more days before we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the USA. We may have to really dig deep this holiday season to fully reach "thankful", but I believe in the power of gratitude! Thanks, You! 

Dreading the family dysFUNction? You're not alone. Son-in-blah just cannot cope with the in-laws and has asked our resident Bad Advice Columnist to help a guy out. Submit your questions to inspire a little laughter in the face of LIFE.

Please keep sharing the shenanigans on social media and tagging @peaceofmayhem. We are dedicated to creating a community of playful, twisted, jolly souls to keep the mayhem moving. Our products are WAY more exciting in person. Get your hands on random bits of fun automatically each month and leave your mark!

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