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Celebrate the Transition

PeaceOf Mayhem April Fool's Day What? by EH

I HATE this part of the year! The dread of what looms on the horizon grips me and whispers "another set of experiences to block out". The mere idea of it makes me cry out, "April Fool!!" Tee-HeHeHeHeHe!

I'm always delightfully surprised to find the optimism of spring sprouting again! The anticipation of fun New things overrides the bleak of lingering winter. Something ancient questions my ability to survive every year. My primal victory is cause to celebrate the winter transition into Spring... I will experience another season of this life!

Daffodils and tulips are the first signs of renewal on its way. (It is always just in the nick of time!) Perhaps you will be lucky enough to spot some. Take a walk (when it's pleasant), open a window slightly when it's stormy, and let the spring sensations penetrate you. We crave you - rain and sunshine! May pleasure bloom everywhere you are! 

The main theme here is: Yay! April!


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