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Closet Clean Out Sale

PeaceOf Mayhem Bathroom Humor Bumper Tag! Expressions Labor Day Sale

Happy Labor Day in the USA! We hope you are enjoying a long weekend with family and friends - even sweeter if you get the day PAID! 

We are not among that group, but we will happily take cut in wages to spend our free day leaving our mark and making room for our new toy! Until we are able to start vinyl production in our new space, we are offering discounts on existing inventory!

Check back all month as we continue to clean out our closets and update the new site (how are you liking it, by the way?) with our favorite products - many redesigned and better than ever!

We would love to hear what you think in the comments below! And please share @peaceofmayhem with your friends on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram for now).

Let's have some fun!

Did you know our vinyl is removable, reusable, recyclable, and made to PASS ON!?

Check out one of our favorite games, Bumper Tag!

Bumper Tag: Honk if you have a Horn! Bumper Tag! is made to move! Choose a "victim" and stick it on. Beware: your bumper could be next! Good thing we use vinyl that won't damage paint. Peel it off and pass it on! Looking for even more fun with vinyl? Check out bathroom expressions.



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