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Coke Bottle Kidnap!

PeaceOf Mayhem Game Night Merry Mayhem pranks What? by EH

Marcy, your first mistake was becoming friends with a stranger - hehehehe!

Seriously though, game night drunkness got the best of Brandy and I. We knew the 4th Day of Merry Mayhem was going to be taking a personal item from a friends house and giving it back as a Christmas present, so we went to work while you were distracted elsewhere. We decided the first thing we see of yours in the basement is going to be IT! I creep downstairs (it makes the story better) and peek my head into the dark family room. Autumn and Bailey look up from their movie with puzzled looks. Smiling, I put my finger to my lips and whisper, "shhh!" They shrug and turn back to the movie.

I look around briefly and snag the wall hanging "coke bottle thermometer" from behind the bar. He He He He! I race upstairs to show Brandy. She smiles her broad mischievous grin and nods approvingly. "YES!"" she says. "Yes," I say. Stowed safely in my bag of fun for the evening, we go on our merry way!

Days, we waited giggling to each other! I couldn't wait to wrap it up along with your Christmas gifts... my joy in the mere thought of your look of surprised relief warmed me all month long! 

The day arrived and on Christmas Eve it finally happened! You opened your coke bottle thermometer gift and looked confused. Hmm, your expression said. Collin laughed and said, "Hey! It's like your coke bottle thermometer." Sterling replies, "What coke bottle thermometer?" and I say emphatically, "It IS your coke bottle thermometer. I took it!"

"What? Wait a minute. You took this from us?"

The story of Brandy and I plotting on that game night unfolds and your face relaxed into mild amusement.

I am so sorry. It was intended to bring you far more pleasure, but there's always next year! Thank you for tolerating the shenanigans that come along with being our friend. We love you!


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