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Continuing Our Founders Celebration!

PeaceOf Mayhem Birthday Celebration Holiday Tribute

Today's post is brought to you by Elan... with a gushing ode to Brandy on her Birthday. 

Star BirthdayToday we celebrate a dazzling soul who inspires me on a daily basis! Her Stories of our adventures would be juicy (and possibly incriminating), but the ones I have to share are full of details about her acts of valor and her heroic victories...

The sparkle I know as Brandy Starr came into this world May 20th, to a very young Mother [and Father]. Although society frowned, nothing would stop Brandy! She flourished and grew to be a slightly shy, eager young woman. Even then the gleam of mischief glowed behind her guarded expression.

She has an incredible imagination and is naturally compelled to express herself through a variety of visual arts. She takes whatever piques her curiosity and transforms it into an unexpected thing of beauty. She is the back bone of design for our budding enterprise!
Brandy's laugh is infectious, unique, and rings throughout any space she is in! Everyone is attracted to her playful spirit and captivated by her compassionate heart (which she has tried so many times to extinguish, to no avail). She has banished her shyness in fearless fashion to become a bright, sexy, fun-seeking adult. Her upbringing has cultivated some very special strengths I really value.

For example: Brandy's protective instincts are highly developed. It has made her a fantastic Mom to her boys, kept her stable through storms of every kind, and helped me avoid becoming a lampshade in some psycho's basement!

Up for almost anything, the motto at her house is: BRACE YOURSELF! My companion equally in times of jubilant communion and tearful heartache, I can't find words glorious enough to truly express my gratitude for all that you are, Brandy Starr. To you I say:

I'm invincible, so are you. We do all the things they say we can't do. We walk around in the middle of the night, and when it's too far to walk we just hitch a ride. -Ani Difranco

I love you deeply, my dearest friend! I wish you the Happiest Birthday YET! (Complete with confetti and spine racking orgasms)

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