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Contributor Spotlight: Beef Supreme

PeaceOf Mayhem Beef Supreme Contributor Spotlight

September Contributor Spotlight features: Beef Supreme!

Sunny, artistic, and prone to deep thought; THIS contributor has great comedic timing!

1. Who or what influenced you to let your freak flag fly?

My Dad because he is weird and I get it from him. He says it is good to be weird.

2. What is your #1 fear and why?

Falling off a cliff into the ocean because the ocean almost ate me once.

3. What is your fundamental philosophy/life mantra?

Be funny and kind.

4. If you could orchestrate and pull off ONE harmless MEGA prank anonymously, what would it be?

Walking through a crowded amusement park with a backpack that farts and blows out green smoke.

5. Invite your friends to a Festival of Fantastic Fun!

Beef Supreme Festival of Fantastic Fun

Beef Supreme's Top 3 Songs

1. Space Unicorn

2. The Night Begins to Shine

3. Singing Around the Gum Bears

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