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Contributor Spotlight: Founders Edition

PeaceOf Mayhem Contributor Spotlight Founders Monthly Mayhem

Founders Day 5 Questions

Peace of Mayhem founders, Elan (EH) and Brandy (BS), answer our 5 Contributor Questions and offer up their TOP 5 Shared Adventures. Let's get started:

1. What or who influenced you to let your freak flag fly?

EH: My parents. They named me Elan and I have lived up to the unique moniker.

BS: My Granny was a baddass woman who always made her own fun.

2. What is your #1 Fear and why?

EH: Oncoming traffic. Distracted idiots drive too.

BS: Needing adult diapers... because uncontrollable shitting sucks.

3. What is your fundamental philosophy? Life mantra?

EH: Find fun in everything.

BS: It'll all be over soon. (This applies to SO many mundane tasks.)

4. If you could orchestrate and pull off ONE harmless MEGA prank anonymously, what would it be?

EH: Set off the fire sprinklers inside the UN, Pentagon, and House/Senate (while in session) at the same time. That's harmless, right?

BS: My mom gets dressed up for Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes days.... just in case. I really want to have an entire fake crew with cardboard check and all show up.... The "check" would just be a giant card that says, "Mom, your love is priceless."

5. Complete the invitation to a Festival of Fantastic Fun:


 EH Festival of Fantastic Fun Invite


BS Festival of Fantastic Fun Invite



  1. All types of San Fransisco Trips.
  2. Spotlight? or Moonlight? in the clearing.
  3. Kidnapper van in Time Square (wherever you are, we miss you Gaylynn)
  4. Seattle via Greyhound.
  5. Vague memories in Mesquite.

... and many more!

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