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Contributor Spotlight: Sir Loin

PeaceOf Mayhem Contributor Spotlight Monthly Mayhem Sir Loin

Contributor Sir Loin

Charming, playful, and surprisingly crude; THIS contributor rarely takes anything seriously.

June Contributor Spotlight: Sir Loin

1. Who or what influenced you to let your freak flag fly?

Monty Python (at a very early age).

2. What is your #1 Fear and why?

Electricity. It won't always kill you, but it will always mess you up.

3. What is your fundamental philosophy? Life Mantra?

We don't call 911! (Ha Ha Ha Ha)

4. If you could orchestrate and pull off one harmless MEGA prank anonymously, what would it be?

Harmless... that SUCKS!

5. Invite your friends to a Festival of Fantastic Fun:

 Sir Loin Festival of Fantastic Fun Invite


  1. Uhhh
  2. Doh!
  3. Hmmm...

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