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Contributor Spotlight: TT McFeely

PeaceOf Mayhem Contributor Spotlight Monthly Mayhem TT McFeely

Contributor TT McFeely

Mischievous, competitive, and ready with a comeback; THIS contributor likes a fair fight.

April Contributor Spotlight: TT McFeely

1. What or who influenced you to let your freak flag fly?

My Dad, he was definitely very, very encouraging of irreverent behavior.

2. What is your #1 Fear and why?

Being eaten alive, I really don't want my last form of existence to be a turd.

3. What is your fundamental philosophy? Life mantra?

Accept, enjoy, excite.

4. If you could orchestrate and pull off one harmless MEGA prank, what would it be?

Dose the G.O.P. Convention with L.S.D.

5. Invite your friends to a Festival of Fantastic Fun:

TT McFeely Festival of Fantastic Fun Invite

Top 3 WORST:

  1. Being Sticky
  2. Being Sun Burnt
  3. Being Sober

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