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Contributor Spotlight: Wym Z Gal

PeaceOf Mayhem Contributor Spotlight Monthly Mayhem Wym Z Gal

Contributor Wym Z Gal

Unpredictable, colorful, and wildly entertaining; THIS contributor enjoys a happy ending.

August Contributor Spotlight: Wym Z Gal

1. Who or what influenced you to let your freak flag fly?

I have always been drawn to fiery passionate women. I can tell who these women are by the sparkle in their eyes and genuine delighted laughter. Ladies, embrace your emotional, chaotic, nurturing, creative spirit!

2. What is your #1 Fear and why?

I am afraid that all the adulting will infest my playful spirit... and yet the adulting has to get done sometime! INFESTATION!

3. What is your fundamental philosophy? Life Mantra?

Glitter IS Fun!*

*no matter how many arguments it creates!

4. If you could orchestrate and pull off one harmless MEGA prank anonymously, what would it be?

Remember how disappointing Y2K was? The mass hysteria leading up to 2000 landed with a DUD when the clock struck 12:00 and life as we knew it kept ticking.

​If only there was a way to ZERO OUT computer technology with the promise of its return IF and when we all go outside to play for the day... let's make it a potluck!

5. Invite your friends to a Festival of Fantastic Fun:

Wym Z Gal Festival of Fantastic Fun Invite

Top 3 Favorite Ways to Dye

  1. Tie
  2. Food
  3. Hair

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