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Earth Day Tribute

PeaceOf Mayhem Celebration Earth Day Holiday Join Together Tribute

Earth Day 2016 we salute an original Naturalist: Don Martin.

During the Actual 60's he owned and lived on a piece of wilderness in Northern California with a group of friends (We now call that a commune). Together they wrote a guidebook for anyone interested in living a Naturalist Lifestyle. He truly believed humans could live harmoniously within the environment... Very few amenities required! He was by no means a stuffy environmentalist who frowns on the uneducated.

Of course, at that time the Earth was not yet diagnosed as fighting for its life. We (Peace of Mayhem as a collective) love our planet and seek to make good choices on its behalf. Hell - we want to watch humans have to evolve into the super beings we are capable of becoming! That will involve incorporating symbiotic relationships with all who share this world, or we'll die trying!

Don - Thank you for inspiring me to keep an open mind, seeking wisdom from nature, and taking pleasure in minimalist living!

I forgive you for making love and doing drugs instead of taking down the oppressive powers, that were growing in strength, while you had the chance. May you become spacedust so you can travel the expanse of the universe in the tail of a comet!

We love you!!


*Living on the Earth by Alicia Bay Laurel, was written and illustrated as a 'guide to bohemian country living... initially conceived as an informational pamphlet to share with fellow commune dwellers, based on advice gathered from friends at Wheeler Ranch.' -Amazon

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