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Easter time is here again!

PeaceOf Mayhem Celebration Easter Goddess Holiday What? by EH

Hmmm... According to my father, Easter is a goddess type gal in a nameless (to me) religion Not of our own.

This explanation was offered as we gazed into the baskets filled with all types of baby chick and baby bunny shaped candy, after church Easter Sunday. We looked up and he said, "Do you know why all the candy is shaped like baby animals? Especially bunnies?" One of us ventured, "They're born in Spring?" He smiled and continued, "It is because Easter is the goddess of fertility. Easter is a celebration of fertility and new birth. Rabbits are some of the most fertile creatures on the planet."

So each year as the world renews we celebrate that ancient holiday - some of us unknowingly! Let the fertility celebration begin!


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