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Fall for Playful Shenanigans!

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Fall for Playful Shenanigans - Leave Your Mark

Yep, I went there... a cheesy intro to Autumn.

Now I will distract you with some featured dysFUNction to Leave Your Mark! Let's Play! 

Street ExpressionsDesignated Douche Bag Bumper TagPick & Peek Bar Pack

Street Expressions vinyl clings can be stuck to nearly any surface* and will not remove finish or leave behind a sticky residue.

Designated Douche Bag Bumper Tag!  is just asking to be stuck to the bumper of your friends car (or that Douche Bag at the bar flashing his POLEX watch & bragging about his baby (*used)  Mercedes parked out front)...

Don't worry. It won't damage their car - just set their heart on fire when they find it! The joke is that it easily peels off and doesn't damage their precious car. Plus, it encourages the recipient to PASS IT ON in a friendly game of Bumper Tag!

How many cars does it hit? Share in the comments, share it on social media & tag @peaceofmayhem !

Bar Pack Pick & Peek encourages playful fun with a party twist. Use it between friends or spice it up and gift it to strangers. The choice is yours!

Peace of Mayhem believes having fun AND speaking your mind are keys to keeping fun alive. Leaving behind our vinyl products should let your heart race without ruining a car's paint job, damage city signs and personal property. 

*Vinyl may not cling to some rough surfaces like brick. We have tested it on some dirty ass cars and it stuck and still came off easily.

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