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Featured DysFUNction for the Ladies!

PeaceOf Mayhem Featured Fun

Hey Ladies.... come a little closer...

I have a "secret" to tell you...

*of course it's not really a secret if you lived through the '80s (thanks Cyndi and crew)

Women don't really GROW OUT of wanting to have FUN! 

As a matter of fact, the older I get the more fun I wanna have - the question is:

Do we allow ourselves to have ENOUGH fun?

The kind of fun that gets your heart racing? The fun that is as daring and free as you felt Before all the Adulting happened. Before you became a role model to your children. Before you became respected at your job - maybe even at your career! 

Peace of Mayhem was started by two women who grew into young adulthood and beyond together - promising each other to keep the fun alive... no matter what! Of course, it is never that easy. Life happens - like, every single day. And sometimes it feels like you could strangle anyone who cracks a joke or looks at you in "that tone of voice".

When LIFE hikes up the intensity and you find yourself at your wits end, it is definitely time to shake shit up! Grab your band of funky peeps - the ones that break up all the *life stuff* with a sense of humor... and hopefully a bit of Mayhem!

That Shake Up usually includes the guys, but sometimes it just us Ladies! Especially now that football has kicked off. So grab the gals, have a hay day at an Oktoberfest near you. Hit up every thrift store and halloween shop in search of your costume. Indulge in any early fall crops with a glass of wine and deep laughter. 

Bring along Peace of Mayhem! This collection of Featured DysFUNction is for the Ladies! Tag @peaceofmayhem to share your shenanigans with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Plus, I would love to know in the comments: When was the last time you gathered your team of friends with the sole purpose of distracting you from reality? If you can't remember the last time you did that, it is definitely time to invite the fun in! 

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