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Featured DysFUNction for the Ladies!

PeaceOf Mayhem

Ladies! It's time to take a moment for yourself by indulging in a fizzing, funny, and lightly aromatic bath - Pixie Pricks should be in any gift bag for your girlfriends! 

Speaking of girlfriends.... Call them up and set out on a night dedicated to fun. Leave laughter in your wake! Check out this collection of inspiration to shake shit up!

Pick & Peek Scratch Off Adventures also come in Adult packs - perfect for a bar night. 

Unique Expressions: You have something to say so share it! Grab a marker, leave your mark, and stick your Unique Expressions everywhere! Don't worry - they won't damage surfaces or leave behind a sticky residue.

Ladies Room Expressions: Speech Bubbles to leave your mark on Restroom signs, bathroom stalls, mirrors, and more. We created them with the same removable vinyl - no need to damage property. It's all harmless shenanigans!

Election day is right around the corner, so I can't help but offer Mike Hunt as candidate for President and I am ready to start a Bumper Tag! movement. Sign the back, sneakily slap it on your friends bumper... when they angrily (and then with great relief) peel it easily off their bumper, the TAG! on the back dares the victim to PASS IT ON!

Here's a cheesy video tutorial to entertain you.

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