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Feeling Festive?

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I don't even want to imagine what my life would look like without my best friend and business partner. Elan insists on having a good time - especially when life feels anything but fun.

On the first day of Christmas I received a text from her saying "knock knock". After trying to follow it up with a "who's there" and "tee hee hee who?", she suggested I get a breath of fresh air outside... via the back door.


This little ball buster was waiting for me. It shook something free in that Grinch-y ol' heart o' mine. Yes, Christmas is nearly here and if I don't shake shit up and do something in the name of holiday spirit, I am going to regret it.

On the second day of Christmas we spent the evening enjoying good food and laughter with our favorite goody-making elf. As always, Elan brought the fun! This time with a gift of an "ugly" sweater for our awesome hostess (and a cellphone cage for us to lock up the kids phones if they get too "phone-y")!


Feeling Festive?


How about YOU? Are you feeling festive? Do you have a special someone in your life that makes sure you celebrate the holidays with a smile? Give them a shout out (then surprise them with their own festive fun)! Need ideas? Visit our shop for shenanigans!

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