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Final Fling

PeaceOf Mayhem What? by EH

Disclaimer:  Ladies- We love you! We adore you! We support your empowerment, your desire for fun, and encourage your spontaneous spirit!! This is not about you. Continue being your fabulous feminine selves!!

Remember! Please Remember! There was a time when being a man meant not feeling apologetic for being masculine. *1

We are lucky to be associated with some extremely down to earth, masculine men. They open doors, save the day, and dress in whatever is clean. They don’t wax or shave below the neck. Their muscles come from being athletic and working hard. They stand out as the kind of guys everyone wants to know. They say what they want because they’re secure in their manhood. They laugh easily, especially at themselves.

We have arrived in an era when Real men are an endangered species that we are trying to save!!

Calling all men…
  • seeking an adventure that won’t threaten your hard-won security.
  • following through and staying true to your word.
  • secure in your skin without primping, waxing, or following fashion trends.
  • craving an avenue for male bonding.
  • respectful of women without becoming henpecked by them.
  • equal parts gladiator and gentleman.
  • enlightened, open-minded, and logical.
  • looking for good clean fun.

Men, you’ve suppressed the energy that made you So fun and wild as youth. Unleash it in a final summer fling! Find Fun!! 

*1 Women are biologically attracted to beast-like qualities, men acting on instinct i.e. firemen.


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