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Free Yourself with Spontaneous Detours of Delight!

PeaceOf Mayhem Monthly Intro

Free yourself and delight will follow

Let's celebrate Independence day this year by breaking up the stifling routines and head into August with new energy flow!

Brandy and I were discussing our wish that we could infuse everyone we love with that sizzle of excitement we experience. We get it from trying new things, going down our own daring  path, and sharing the fun with anyone remotely interested.

Today I was taken off my usual course by an unrelated incident. It inspired me to take the spontaneous detour and have fun with it! I feel refreshed and totally energized!

July is the tipping point of the year. It is the perfect time between gearing up and winding down. Let it be a staging ground for self discovery and new found fun!

Regena Thomashauer, AKA Mama Gena, teaches that pleasure is a choice. To embody pleasure we must let go of anger (and all the negative feelings that evolve into anger as well). Free yourself and delight will follow!

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