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Freedom is Fun

PeaceOf Mayhem Expressions Independence

July is an interesting time in the state of Utah. We celebrate 2 very similar Holidays. Both encourage fireworks and loud parties until early morning hours. Each is a chance to honor our right to express Whatever the Hell we want!

This idea has raised a question I can't seem to shake... How are YOU going to celebrate our Independent Freedom fought for and paid with countless lives? 

A BBQ? Watermelon? Fireworks?

My crew is embracing our patriotic duty by silently encouraging and reminding everyone around us that We MUST enjoy the rights and privileges of being HERE! We will EXPRESS our sense of humor and No One is safe! 

Free Your Mind, Assholes. Vinyl Expressions  I heart Free Speech Bitches Vinyl Expressions Freedumb of Speech is for 'merica. Vinyl Expressions

 It's Fun To Be Free Vinyl Expressions Free Dumb Vinyl Expressions Fuck It Freedom Vinyl Expressions


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