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Get Your Nap On

PeaceOf Mayhem What? by EH

Get Your Nap On
by EH
My creative journey began as a sort of coping mechanism for my rocky childhood. Sleep was one of my greatest fears, so it was the easiest time to exercise my imagination. Nights and naptime were wide expanses filled with ideas... worries... plans of escape!
This lead to an extremely sleep deprived adolescence and young adulthood. By the time I became a Mom I finally understood the necessity of sleep (night terrors or not), Thank God I was already an expert on functioning with very little rest! Somewhere along the way an artist and author I admire wrote a book about the Magical Power of napping.
It was revolutionary in my life. Who knew all the time I was looking for inspiration I should've been sleeping after all!!? I had never felt safe enough to sleep at night, let alone nap luxuriously during the day. Her words helped me learn to relax and look for a safe enough place in my life to occasionally nap.
The nap most memorable to me took place on a sunny April afternoon in the park at the end of Pike's Place Market, Seattle WA.
I woke stunned, satisfied, and safely seated against the hillside (very small slope) next to my Best Friend. It would be hours before settling into our hotel room and we were exhausted from a long sleepless bus ride. We were invited to join the hot guys from Alaska to on the Ferry and go exploring, but we opted to stay, eventually dozing off....
That night we made the hilarious realization that we had fallen asleep with our sunglasses on. Sun-burnt faces with raccoon eyes left a lasting impression on everyone we met!
*we are not affiliated with SARK, but are inspired by her Succulent, Wild Self!

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