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Goodness Gracious

PeaceOf Mayhem Thanksgiving


Most of the year we are on a mission to express our free loving spirit! As Halloween winds down, we turn our focus to the holidays a head. This year I hope to encourage the celebration of Thanksgiving rather than just zipping by it in favor of Christmas.

Gratitude is one of my favorite subjects! Most people don't give it as much thought as love, or generosity, or depression. It is the seed that can grow love. It is the reflection of generosity. It is one of the ways to combat depression.

I challenge anyone struggling to grow love, find generosity, or fight depression to spend one month learning to show gratitude for anything and everything they can. Track daily reasons to be grateful. If nothing seems obvious, stretch yourself to find reasons! Note how you feel along the way. After 30 days share any changes you've experienced by thinking about your own gratitude.

One of my favorite ways to express gratitude is an old fashioned "Thank You" card to someone who has inspired my gratitude! -EH

What are you most thankful for today? How do you track your gratitude?! We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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