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Happening at Our House! #12DoMM

PeaceOf Mayhem Merry Mayhem pranks

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 12 Days of Merry Mayhem. Here's what happened at our homes during the festivities.

advent treeOn the 4th Day of Merry Mayhem, the idea was hatched, "grab the Charlie Brown Christmas tree from our friends and take it home to return later as a Christmas miracle surprise!"

When I arrived, The tree was already up and would be too noticeable to swipe. So, a change of plans and a quick hand near the advent calendar and the #18 was mine! -C

Friday, a rough day at work, ugly feelings of leaving a job unfinished until another unknown time... I walk through the door grateful to be home, ready to relax and there it is - the straw that broke the camel's back.

The first thing I see as I walk in is my wooden Christmas tree advent calendar that let's the kids turn over the date to reveal cute hand painted pictures on wooden ornaments, hanging precariously on hooks. And the #18 is missing. DUNCAN! He is the only child in my home who cares enough to turn them each day AND his brother hasn't been home since well before the piece went missing which was OBVIOUSLY this morning!

"Duncan! Where is the #18?" I call out annoyed. "I don't know. It is just missing," Duncan replies quietly. "Bullshit!" I cackle, "find it!" and boy did he try. I supervised as he searched everywhere it could have possibly fallen except INSIDE the frame of the couch...

Oh well, perhaps Wood Connection can make us a new #18 for next year...?

Christmas Eve... our tradition of spending time with Brandy and Chad is in full effect! We hand out gifts, and as our exchange is happening, Chad hands me my present. It is wrapped so beautifully and they've attached a charm with ribbon. Let's see, it's a... IT'S THE #18 from my tree.

mm... I turn to Chad excitedly and say, "You found this?!" He grins that devious smile and says, "I took it!" WHAT?! I can't help laughing hysterically, then trying to explain through the fits of laughter that we  blamed Duncan and he got in a lot of trouble over it!

I calmed down and called Duncan over. I held up the piece and his beautiful little face brightened, he called out excitedly, "Chad you found the #18!" I smiled and said, "He took it." The look that came over Duncan's face when he realized what had happened cannot be recreated, but it was priceless! It's best described as justifiable anger!

As your mother - I apologize, Duncan, for blaming you despite all your pleas of innocence! I also apologize for threatening you with further punishment if I had to go to extreme lengths to replace #18. Although, you ought to know by now; these things happen, will continue to happen, and (someday) you may even get your chance to perpetrate some of your own mayhem! We love you! -E

Giggling for days, the #18 was lovingly kept safe waiting for the big return! We had no idea little Duncan was being accused of carelessly misplacing the lost #18.

Duncan, as your friends, we apologize for any suffering based on our actions! Eventually all the torture will even out! -B



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