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Happy Birthday, Elan! Let's Celebrate!

PeaceOf Mayhem


Peace of Mayhem founders, Elan (EH) and Brandy (BS), were both born in May! It is a perfect reason to have our MAY theme be: Celebrate Yourself! Today Brandy honors her BFF:


Oh the tales I could tell... Sorry Readers, I must refrain. My birthday is right around the corner, after all!

Elan has been my  longest meaningful relationship (outside of familial bonds). She has been my biggest supporter, even/especially  when I am at my worst. The universe threw us together in the tenth grade, although we knew each other since I moved to the 'hood at 14. By the time we got through high school together, our bond was irreversible! 

More than two decades of knowing this incredible woman and I continue to be amazed. She loves so genuinely and carries a passion for life that is becoming more and more extinct in this buzzing world. Elan always brings the fun - sometimes (and my most favorite times) when it is totally unwelcome among the masses.  What? Who doesn't like spontaneous blasts of ______________ [silly string, confetti, birthday cake....] to the face? 

I love you, Elan! Thank you for continuing this dance of friendship with me - lifting each other up when our worlds come crumbling down, challenging one another to stay true to ourselves, and celebrating the milestones as only the original Peace of Mayhem crew can do! Cheers to a NEW year - let's funk some shit up.


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