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Happy Mother's Day!

PeaceOf Mayhem Holiday Mother's Day

I heart Mom Happy Mother's Day
For each and every human this holiday begins the same way... a man deposits his magical ingredient inside a woman and *tah-dah* life begins!

My life actually began ON Mother's Day, 1978. Each year of my childhood we were regaled with the Mother's Day Legend that is Elan's birth.

When I became a mother in 2003, I finally understood why it was such a big deal. Birth is an indescribable experience and it is the beginning of sacrifice, hard work, and lots of energy spent hoping that you are in fact making some kind of positive impact on the child you created. We shall see! My mom felt a special bond to me because I was brought into the world on such a glorious day of celebration!

Ladies, I say celebrate the Rainbow or the Rollercoaster that has been your motherly experience! Without you NONE of this would exist! Thank you for sacrificing your bodies, minds, and souls to be the supportive loving beings we call Mom!!

Happy Mother's Day!

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