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Happy New Year!

PeaceOf Mayhem What? by EH

My celebration begins each year on the solstice and builds up to the official political New Year!

This year, for the solstice I burned my grievances, purchased inspiring and uplifting gifts for loved ones, and helped my youngest bless a good luck charm he picked out for his father for Christmas. On Christmas Eve I warmed my soul and immune system up with the citrus wassail and Merry Mayhem! The wassail was a life saver.

It elevated our energy levels allowing us to accomplish all the day had in store!

Then came CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is always a day of child like fun I have embraced as a piece of my year end transition. (I went through various Christmas identities and this is the one I like best). I soaked up every drop of delight available and do my best to share the magic with all I can!

Of course the New Year party with friends is always crazy fun!

I am super excited for the possibility of the "NEW" this year promises to provide! Brace yourselves for THE NEXT PHASE! 2016! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Shake shit up, Bitches!


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