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Hear Ye Hear Ye! Let's Make Fun a Habit!

PeaceOf Mayhem Back to School Monthly Intro What? by EH

Hear Ye Hear Ye - The school year is now in session! Let the early bedtimes commence!

At this transitional time I would like to make a semi-shocking, yet Bold, statement...

I graduated from High School 20 years ago (1996 for y'all struggling to do the math). Whoa.
I know. I feel shocked saying it!
Phew! That's over!

Recently people from my pre-graduation life have been popping up - I won't name names but I will say: Allow yourself time to adjust to the human I've become! I am so like that person and SO unlike that person, confusion is bound to set in.

To everyone encountering re-connections: Be forgiving (it's not their fault adolescence sucks!), gentle, and above all - FUCKING FUN!

To our teen friends who are sneaking to read our blog: Get all the memory making and good clean fun you can handle! Now is the time to build the habits that will follow you into adulthood! Make fun a habit! Let the scholastic growth begin!


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