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Hey Ladies...

PeaceOf Mayhem A Buncha BS Celebration Founders Ladies Tribute

... and lady lovers! Happy International Woman's Day!

We are celebrating all of our favorite Succulent Wild Women, the Sister Goddesses that light us up and keep us connected!

Peace of Mayhem founders, Elan and Brandy, did not grow up with sisters or many girlfriends. Our knowledge of "how to be a girl" was mostly attained by picking fierce role models - singers, writers, artists, activists.

We don't do each others make-up or borrow each others clothes. We don't even like dressing the same - no easy task back in our Gothic days!

We don't follow each other to the restroom, although we tried it once in Vegas. Awkward.

And guys, we do NOT have naked pillow fights during girls night out... or do we?!

We have never bought into the traditional model of "girl" that tends to dominate the world wide view of women. The catty and awful portrayal of women bleeds into real life and we have steered clear.

We have a great love and admiration for inspiring, powerful women and the amazing sisterhood that keeps our communities grounded, whimsical, and nurtured.

Let's honor the feminine and celebrate the bold women who have fought for our most basic rights.

Let's join forces with our modern day ladies that refuse to let those rights get taken away!

Ladies, let's have some fun!

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