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Holy Shipping Shenanigans, Sherlock!

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We are SO excited to introduce our latest adventure - and not a moment too soon!

The holidays have a way of creating long 'to do' lists, that might seem like first.

  • Bake cookies for the neighbors without stool softener.
  • Take the kids to see that asshole who promises the world and doesn't deliver.
  • Help with the food drive while your kids go hungry and forgotten (haha).
  • Gift exchange with the lunch ladies *what the hell am I doing here?
  • Cheerful (drunken) tree decorating.
  • Spirited trip to the store.... for just one fucking thing!!

We have the cure to ensure one helluva good time this holiday season... and beyond!

Holiday Delivery

To kick off Christmas with a bang, you will receive your PoM Pack before December 5th if you order by November 28th.

The final day to order Holiday PoM Pack is December 10th! Trust us, you want it before then! Order by November 27th to receive free shipping = 20% off one month!

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