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It's Just a Little Salty #12DoMM

PeaceOf Mayhem A Buncha BS Merry Mayhem pranks

For the 8th Day of Merry Mayhem we shared a recipe for Salt Dough Candy Canes AND Candy Cane Cookies. I had to make both, of course, so that you could see the difference.

Both types of "cookies" were placed in separate piles on the table when my kids got home. Aidan instantly asked if he could have one. I really didn't think to specify that they were different for a reason.

Grabbing what he thought would be a delicious sugary cookie, he soon realized that something was quite wrong. With each chewing motion the taste became more pronounced, "Mom...." he slurred, "what is wrong with this cookie?!" as he spits and spats into the garbage can. "oh honey, that isn't a cookie. It's salt dough."

Salt Dough.

"Why?" was all he could spit out at that point. "Why not?!" I counter. He shrugs his shoulder and asks if there are any REAL treats in the kitchen! Oh Merry Mayhem!

Just a side note: the cookie recipe is absolutely amazing! Try it!


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