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Join the Shenanigans in 2016!

PeaceOf Mayhem Monthly Intro

Happy 2016
It's a new year filled with  

NEW possibility and many moments of mayhem yet to come! Peace of Mayhem was created to inspire the long forgotten art of good clean* FUN! Most of all we began this journey to KEEP FREEDOM OF SPEECH howling forever!

*we love naughty fun the most!

Join the ShenanigansStay up to date with new releases, inspiration to shake shit up,and recipes for disaster! Please join the conversation - comment on the blog and share your shenanigans on social media! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


About Peace of MayhemElan and Brandy are continuing to improve your Peace of Mayhem experience. We have great big dreams and they involve our community of contributors (named and yet to come) and personal manifestos to create fun daily.

If you find something broken, screwy, or even EXTRA FABULOUS, let us know! We are probably unaware! We are two wayside gals making ideas come to life and learning new  things every step of the way! Join the Mayhem!!


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